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Your loan in minutes!

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Instant approval in minutes

No documents needed - only your National ID

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Inclusive financing programs for all Egyptians

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Get onboarded at your favorite shop within blnk's merchant network. You won't need more than your valid National ID and mobile number.

Within minutes the shop's staff will inform you of your approved limit

Congratulations! You can now enjoy shopping with blnk. You'll just need to sign the required documents with your first purchase

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I activated my account and enjoyed the offer instantly in side the shop. Honestly its a very good & fair service. Best of Luck.

Moustafa Mohamed

One of the best companies to deal with and they are credible. What they said happened. I activated my account in no time and was able to purchase what I want on the spot. Seriously, one of the most credible and decent companies to deal with. I wish you the best of luck and success.

Omar Ali

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